Jun 29

Issue of Identity Cards to Central Government Pensioners

Parliamentary Standing Committee on MHA in para 26 of its 60th report has inter-alia. recommended that Government should favorably consider on priority the desirability of issuing Identity Card on retirement to each Central Government employee. The recommendations are produced below:

26.2 The Committee feels that it would be in fitness of things if the civilian employees are also issued identity cards indicating the details such as last post held before retirement, pay scale of the post last held period of service rendered etc. which the retired employee can carry on his person for identification as and when needed.

26.3 The Card may also include on the reverse the retired employee’s Blood Group, his residential address and telephone number, if there is one.

26.4 The Committee strongly recommend that the Government should favorably consider on priority the desirability of issuing such cards on retirement to each Central Government employee.

2. The recommendations made by the Parliamentary Standing Committee has been carefully examined It has been decided that L Cards will be issued by various Ministries/ departments offices to its retired/retiring employees and the expenditure on providing a laminated L Card will be borne by the pensioner. This Department has devised a format in which  L Cards are to be issued to pensioners (specimen enclosed). It will be the responsibility of the concerned Ministry / Department to work out the expenditure that may be involved in issuing laminated L Card and card may be issued at the request of tile Pensioner on cost recovery basis.

3. Ministry of Agriculture etc. are requested to take urgent necessary action in  this regard.

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