Pelonis AS823E4J S 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (Black)

Pelonis AS823E4J S 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (Black)

Main Features of Pelonis AS823E4J S 23 L Convection Microwave OvenPelonis-AS823E4J-S-23-L-Convection-Microwave-Oven-Rs.6999

  • Oven Type : Convection
  • Oven Capacity : 23 L
  • Mount Type : Free Standing
  • It has 245 Auto Cook Menu
  • Output Power: 800 W
  • Total Weight of Oven : 14.5 kg


Pelonis 23 L Microwave Oven is a convention type Oven having capacity of 23L and Jog Dial Control. It has Handle to open the Door. This Oven supports Four types of Cooking range i.e. Microwave, Grill, Convection, Combination. The Temperature range is between 110 – 200 Degree C. The dimension of the Pelonis 23 L Microwave Oven: (Width)48.5 cm x (Height)33.5 cm x (Depth)29.3 cm which is fit for all types of Kitchen


Pelonis 23 L Microwave Oven is suitable for all types of kitchen and Family. Just Prepare the food and Serve delicious and healthy food to your loved ones.

Price at FilpKart : Rs. 6,999.00

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Sansui SSZ55.WS1-MDA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC Review

Key Features of Sansui SSZ55.WS1-MDA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split ACSansui SSZ55 Buy at Flipkart

  • The Capacity of AC is : 1.5 Ton
  • Star Rating of AC – 5
  • Power Consumption : 1480 W
  • Power Requirement : AC 230 V, 50 Hz
  • This wprks on Auto start mode
  • It has Anti-bacteria Filter
  • Remote Control
  • Indoor Dimensions (WxHxD) – 94 cm x 29.8 cm x 20 cm
  • Outdoor Dimensions (WxHxD) – 78 cm x 54 cm x 26 cm
  • Indoor Weight – 11.5 kg


A split air conditioner, as the name suggests, consists of two units, an outer unit and an inner unit. The outer unit is installed out of the house and contains the compressor, while the inner unit, called the blower, is installed inside the room and has an air outlet unit that throws out cold air. A split AC is more aesthetically pleasing than a window AC and can easily be used for cooling large spaces such as an office or a commercial space.

The above said Sansui SSZ55.WS1-WS1-MDA fulfills the best options for budget class people, who want to buy AC for comfort and economy.

Key Terms of AC

Compressor: A compressor is an electric pump that works as the heart of the air conditioner and circulates the refrigerant between the evaporator coil and the condenser. Your AC can either have a reciprocating compressor or a scroll-type compressor. Scroll-type compressors are generally considered more efficient.

Filter: The device that cleans the air before it is circulated in the room. A filter with a higher MERV rating is better.

Thermostat: The device that controls the temperature of the air. A thermostat can either be manual or programmable. A programmable thermostat comes with a built-in memory and timer and can be set at a preferred temperature at different times of the day

Recommendation : This Split AC is recommended for the people who need it for Home/ office purpose and having use for 12-20hrs

Find More Info Here – Price at Flipkart is Rs 26490/-

Philips ThermoProtect Ionic HP8234/10 Hair Dryer Review

Philips ThermoProtect Ionic HP8234/10 Hair Dryer Review

This is the best hair dryer in the market as of now and it available for purchase online by many online retailer like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal. The main feature are given here for making your shopping smarter-

You can protect your hairs from this dryer and at the same time you will get best drying results. The feature to multiple speed gives extra options. It’s Thermo protect feature gives fast Drying At A Constant Caring Temperature.

1. Its has two Concentrator. The flat concentrator does the adjustment of air that stop air going to scalp to get harmless hp8234/10 hari dryer
2. Its Cool Shot are nice and works well.
3. Length of the cord is sufficient for adjustment.
4. Its has stunning design and look.
5  Look at the speed setting that has 2 cool shot, 2 slightly Hot Speed and 2 Full hot speed
6. Your hairs will never get over dried with this dryer.

1. The grip of the dryer is not fold able

Overall, It is a Excellent Product and Worth at this price.

Price at Flipkart Rs 2298/-

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Available at Snapdeal for Rs 2990

Available at Flipkart for Rs 2490

Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer QT4005/15

Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer QT4005/15 is best in this category. The information about this trimmer is given here for your best buying experience.

Its main feature are given here –

1. It has variable Length Setting feature – length can vary from 0.5 mm to 10 mm;Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer QT4005/15
2. This trimmer is Skin Friendly as it has Rounded Tips;
3. The voltage range is adjusted to Worldwide Voltage specifications;
4. You can detach its head that makes it easy to handle;
5. It has Ergonomic Design;
6. It has Lock-in Length Setting,
7. It has indicator for battery charging;
8. You don’t oil for this trimmer;

In Philips QT4005 you can select the length as per your need as it has lock-in length variable settings that is with a 0.5mm precision. You can turn the wheel and choose the desired length to get a precise trim every time.

Warranty : 2 years warranty is given by Philips. However you can also extend the warranty by one by registering it online at Philips website.

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Philips HL1659 Food Processor Review

Philips HL1659 food processor review and buying guide is discussed here for making the buying more fun. This food processor buying guide is specially written for purchasing in India.
Main feature of the Philips HL1659 food processor are given here-Philips HL1659 food processor review

  • Food processor has the feature of automatic shut off.
  • It stands on non-slip feet
  • This has multiple (3) speed setting of the motor
  • Power indicator is given to know the power input
  • Philips All India Warranty: 2 years on product and it can be availed by taking the product to Philips service centre.
  • Input Power: 750 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 volts

Content comes in the box :

  • Philips HL1659 Food processor-1
  • Blender jar of capacity 2.2 Litre -1
  • Spatula-1
  • Chutney jar of capacity 1 Litre -1
  • Wet grinding jar-1
  • Multi-purpose jar-1
  • Food processing bowl-1
  • Instruction manual -1
  • Warranty card -1

Product Review:

This is one of the best products of the kitchen and you say as best kitchen friend. It can cut and chop the vegetable in a minute that would otherwise require 20-30 minutes.
Philips HL1659 food processor can be used to prepare atta for roti. Best thing find about this is that atta doesn’t stick to jar. This makes it easy to clean.

This processor has safety feature also. Like it will not start will it is not locked properly. So safety concern is addressed by Philips 1659 that avoids any type of accidents and safe for kids also who may accidentally touch it. To set up and dismantle for cleaning is easy. This takes only a minute to setup. The best feature about the device I liked the most is its smart.
The features that I like most:
1. It works on Auto mode and safety concern is addressed.
2. While grinding anything there is no need to worry about flying off the Lid holder as it works on auto mode.
3. It’s feet stick to the floor due to vacuum technology.
4. The quality of plastic used for making the product is very good.
5. The Blades are very sharp and thus it works quite efficiently.
6. Too fast to grind anything like chutney. It takes half of time that would otherwise take with other food processor.

In a nutshell, this is a very good food processor and must have thing for kitchen.

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Philips hr1861 Review

You may read here about Philips hr1861 review that will guide you purchase best juicer.
Philips is the trusted brand and it provides best quality product in the market. After sales service during warranty period is fantastic. They have service center in almost every major city of India and world.

philips hr1861 reviewThis product, Philips Aluminum Collection HR1861 Fruit Juicer comes with a jug and it available in India at
with COD facility in major cities. The main feature of the Philips hr1861 is given below:
1. It has micro-mesh filter that made by best quality of steel.
2. You can do juicing for longer time as it has large capacity.
3. You can insert whole fruits like apple, sweet lemon, kinno, vegetable. Philips hr1861 has big inlet.
4. The juicer has many speed control options. Soft and hard options are available as per requirement of fruits.
5. Each and every part of Philips hr1861 juicer is dishwasher washable.
Warranty: 2 years on product
Power: 700 watts; operating voltage: 220-240 volts
Contents in the Box: Fruit juicer, Juice jug, Instruction manual and Warranty card

Another equivalent product of Philips hr1861 by Philips is Philips hr1853philips hr1853 juicer review

. The feature of Philips hr1853 is given here.
1. It has 1.5 liter pulp container
2. Juice jug of 750 ml (airtight)
3. Power : 550 W, Operating Voltage : 220-240 Volts
4. Comes with warranty of 2 year for repairing and replacing of defective parts.

Find more details about this product here. This product is available for COD at Flipkart.
Type of service given by Philips: Generally Philips offer the service when defective products are bought to their service repair center. They take 2-10 days normally for repairing. Replacing the product.

Basics of Evernote and How To Master It?

An Introduction To Evernote

Life certainly has changed in the past decade or so. It seems as if technology is moving at breakneck speed and, unfortunately, it tends to be taking a lot of us along with it. In a time in which we have so many devices that are designed to help make our life easier, it seems as if our life is anything but easy.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to organize your life so that you can get more done, in less time, and enjoy some free time on occasion.

One of the options that you have available for that purpose is to organize your life with Evernote. This program is one of the top applications for organizing your personal or business life and it is something that you should consider having on every device that you own. There are so many benefits to using Evernote that it is difficult to summarize them in a single article. We’re going to do our best, however, to give you an overview of Evernote and to convince you that you need this dynamic program in your life.

What Devices Do You Use?

At one time, there were two basic electronic items that we would have at our home, either a Windows computer or a Macintosh. Today, however, we have a wide variety of electronic options and most of us tend to use them at some point or another during our busy day. We may spend part of our day at home on the computer or working on a computer at work. When we are out and about, our smart phone becomes our personal computer and we can do anything from reading email to browsing the Internet to organizing our life. Tablets are also a very popular option.

Not only do you have all of these different electronic devices, each of them also has its own unique operating system and, at times, we may use a multitude of operating systems during the day. In fact, some people use an iPhone, a Windows computer and an android tablet – which may seem unusual, but is not uncommon in today’s world. Fortunately, Evernote allows you to share information across all of your devices, regardless of the operating system that they happen to use.

How Will You Use Evernote?

Many people tend to think of Evernote as a way to store information. On its most basic level, that may be true, but it has become so much more – and you should take advantage of that in your life. Of course, it all boils down to the basic note and the notebooks where the information will be stored but, from that point forward, you can add almost anything imaginable to Evernote, from images to PDF files to audio messages that you leave for yourself.

At the core of Evernote is not only its ability to store information but the possibility that you can pull up any information that you need which has been stored at any time in the past. The powerful search feature in Evernote is its crowning beauty, and it is something that you will find that you are using consistently, any time you have to find something. When you use Evernote properly, it becomes smarter and smarter in order to provide you with a better search experience.

A recent update to Evernote that is noteworthy, in and of itself, is the ability for the user to search images. I’m not talking about searching image names; I’m talking about searching text that may be within the picture that is converted to searchable text within Evernote. This is a feature of the popular premium option of Evernote.

Never Settle for Normal

When you first download Evernote, you may find it a bit overwhelming because there are so many options that are available. At first, you should settle in and use some of the basic features which are discussed here, such as making new notes, setting up notebooks and learning how to search for anything that you may need. As you continue to use Evernote, however, it’s important to continue to develop your skills.

Evernote has many features and as time goes on, more new features are being added. It’s important for you to look behind the scenes and to truly understand how to use Evernote to enhance your life. Perhaps you can learn more about how to search using wildcards and some of the search syntax which will make it much easier for you to find exactly what you need. You can even email Evernote information while you are on the go and have it available for your use on all of your devices.

Using Third-Party Applications

Evernote is a very powerful program when it is used on its own. There are also a number of third-party applications which can be used, along with Evernote, to enhance certain features or to add functionality that may not be available in the program as of yet. In many cases, these can be downloaded for free, but there are also some paid applications that you may want to consider.

It should be noted that Evernote does not support all third-party applications so you are running somewhat of a risk when using unsupported ones. If the application is well-known and is supported properly, however, it can enhance your experience when using the Evernote program.

It does not take much to convince most people that using Evernote is going to be very beneficial for their life. When you read here, think about how you can use the program to keep yourself organized, to ensure that you have everything that you need at your fingertips and to make your life easier. You will find that you are using Evernote more and more frequently and the more you learn about it, the more you will love it.